Cert&Infomobilità – Final event

Thursday March 7 was held the final event of the project Cert&Infomobilità at Palzzo Congress in Florence.

 “Info-mobility” services are considered as essential tools for improving the management of mobility and transport and there are many initiatives and programs at European and national level by promoting the dissemination of such systems and services (European Directive 2010 / 40 “ITS Action Plan”).

The problems associated with “Info-mobility” services require a strong business analysis procedures at the base of the systems and resolution of any anomalies detected. The goal is to reach a data validation and certification of ITS systems that can be achieved through the use of appropriate testing tools dedicated to this task.

The proposal Cert&Infomobilità is aimed at defining a methodology, operational steps and criteria of verification for the quality assurance of the data generated by ITS systems and the design, implementation and validation of a form of certification of the data generated by the control system fleet (SAE / AVM) extended to other transportation means and mobility services.

The final event for the presentation of project’s results was attended by a large and interested audience of researchers, stakeholders and investors.