RenEU – New Renaissance in Europe

The immense cultural heritage left to Europe by the Renaissance is famous across the world. But do we, as EU citizens, know enough about its European value both in historical terms and as a foundation of our present day union?

The RenEU project, funded by the Culture Programme 2007-2013 and led by Tuscany Region, brings together 5 partners and aims to achieve a double objective:

–          restructure the debate on the Renaissance period, highlighting its European nature by re-interpreting the role and importance played by other EU territories in the development of key concepts that characterise our culture

–          encourage a EU wide reflection on the spreading of a New Renaissance age, a cultural process involving the whole continent.

In this context, RenEU will create cultural itineraries which bring the local and European nature of the Renaissance to life. Resolvo provides support for financial reporting and communication.