ICT4Shoes – ICT solutions for the footwear industry

Project co-financed by the Regional Government of Tuscany (POR CReO – Bando Unico R&S 2012) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).
Aim of the project is the design and development of a ICT platform oriented to support the footwear industry.
The platform analyses internal processes of footwear firms and the related competitiveness for the market.

Within the project, Resolvo supports project coordinator MetodoIn srl and the whole partnership: Bobo Shoes srl, Versilia Calzature srl, Omnia Service srl, University of Florence – in financial management, in order to guarantee a smooth and efficient reporting of project expenditures within the deadlines foreseen. Resolvo support partners in the preparation of detailed financial reports through: reporting documents preparation, checking of expenditures and documents, upload and submission on the regional online reporting system, evaluation of possible project changes and support in the preparation of official documents needed.