POR CreO 2014-2020: ACAL 4.0 project


Duration: September 2020 – December 2022

Call: R&S 2020 – POR FESR Regione Toscana 2014-20 – Call 2


Budget: 1,463,545.10 €

Resolvo is in charge of financial management activities of ACAL 4.0, an R&D project, co-financed by Tuscany Region under the programme POR CReO FESR 2014-2020 – Bando RS 2020.

ACAL4.0 aims to develop eco-compatible technological solutions that overcome problems related to the treatment and finishing of steel and aluminium alloys, thus helping to facilitate and encourage the use of these materials on a large scale also in the jewelry and accessorise “made in Italy”.

Objective of the project

The project envisages on the one hand the creation of a mechanical system that gives high brilliance to the steel and aluminium chains, on the other hand the development of innovative mechanical treatments for these materials. Machines that comply with i4.0 requirements, versatile and easy to upgrade will also be developed with the aim of creating chains and ornamental elements for chains.

The partners CDC (lead partner), STILMEC and Valmet Plating, with the collaboration of the Chemistry Department of the University of Florence, aim to create a sustainable Tuscan supply chain that leads to satisfying the technological and eco-compatibility demands of the brands of luxury.


The role of Resolvo

The role of Resolvo is to coordinate the financial activities of the project in order to guarantee a correct and effective reporting of expenditure within the time limits set by the announcement.

Within the project Resolvo coordinates financial activities in order to guarantee a smooth and efficient reporting of project expenditures within the deadlines foreseen. Resolvo supports project coordinator CDC Srl and the partner Stilmec Srl in the preparation of a detailed financial report through: reporting documents preparation, checking of expenditures and documents, upload and submission on the regional online reporting system, evaluation of possible project changes and support in the preparation of official documents needed.