Interreg Europe: TRINNO project – TRadition and INNOvation

Resolvo is part of the management team of TRINNO – Business ecosystem for TRadition and INNOvation, a regional initiative funded by the INTERREG EUROPE programme for interregional cooperation.
TRINNO runs from 1 April 2016 and last for 5 years, divided into a 3 year exchange phase and 2 years of implementation. TRINNO brings together 5 European regions, who have recognised the need to create and strengthen a dynamic business support system, helping enterprises and aspiring entrepreneurs to apply benefits of digital innovation (digital manufacturing, Internet of things, big data, etc) to traditional sectors.
Resolvo supports the project coordinator, Arezzo Innovation, in project management. Activities include: planning and monitoring of activities, internal management and communication procedures, organisation of meetings, technical and financial reporting, planning and supervision of events, contribution to project content. Moreover Resolvo supported Arezzo Innovation during the project preparation phase.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash