Interreg Europe – SME Power project

Duration: August 2019 – July 2023

Call: Interreg Europe 2014-2020
4° call

Priority axis : 3 – Low-carbon economy

Budget: 1,416,068.00 €

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The SME POWER project was funded by the fourth Interreg Europe call. It will last 4 years, from 1st August 2019.

The project is coordinated by the Resources Recovery Regional Agency (ARRR) of Tuscany, it includes an Advisory partner from Germany and six other partners from:

  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Ireland
  • Finland
  • United Kingdom

Objective of the project

The project’s aim is to influence the policies for the energy management in small and medium enterprises to decrease the level of carbon emission.

SMEs form the backbone of the economy, however, their potential for energy efficiency and renewable energy use remains untapped. The huge number of SMEs operating across the EU means that a change in their energy behaviour is an essential part of the shift to a low carbon economy. The specific target of SME POWER are non-energy intensive SMEs: a silent majority that does not yet recognise the benefits of committing to this shift.

SME POWER will work on 3 main drivers for change:

  • improvement of energy conditions in SMEs’ buildings and processes
  • development of more energy efficient products
  • investment in capacity building for workers.

Thanks to good practice exchange at interregional level, SME POWER will develop Action Plans to improve 5 ERDF and 1 national policy instruments.

SME POWER will help to achieve reduced emissions and increased use of renewables in non-energy intensive SMEs. SME POWER places itself at the centre of a shift from support to low carbon public sector towards the private sector.

The role of Resolvo

Resolvo supported the Lead Partner in preparation of the successful project application. Resolvo supports the Lead Partner in project management and in methodological project development.