Interreg Central Europe: GINEVRA project


Duration: March 2023 – February 2026

Call: Interreg Central Europe 2021-2027
1° call

Budget: 2,500,000.00 €


The project GINEVRA –Governance of transformative innovation in Central European cities: the AV case– was funded in the framework of the first call for proposals of Interreg Central Europe 2021-2027. GINEVRA started on 1 March 2023, lasting for 3 years, and is led by CISE – Centre for Innovation and Economic Development (Italy).

Ginevra brings together 11 partners from 7 countries :

  • Italy
  • Croatia
  • Hungary
  • Austria
  • Slovenia
  • Poland
  • Germany

Objective of the project

GINEVRA starts from the assumption that digital technologies are radically transforming urban development and changing city life and culture. They can make cities better places; they can reduce regional disparities or they can be a socio-economic and political disaster. The challenge for public authorities is to adopt a new, responsible approach to multilevel governance of transformative innovations.

The project addresses this complex and crucial challenge. How? Focusing on the case study of Autonomous Vehicles (AV) – one of THE most transformative innovations – it proposes an approach and tools for a Responsible Innovation-based, multi-level and multi-sectoral governance of transformative innovations in small / medium cities, which are tested and validated through transational piloting in partner territories.

In this way, GINEVRA creates capacity on governance of transformative, high-tech based innovation, deployed in our cities through participation.

Transnational work in the consortium helps partners to:

  • Develop guidelines and toolkit for responsible, multi-level governance of transformative innovation in small / medium cities, including innovative citizen and stakeholder engagement tools and a novel AV Readiness Calculator;
  • Test a responsible and multi-governance framework in 6 pilot sites and AV piloted in 3 sites, and validate Technology Demonstrators as tool for multi-level governance of transformative innovations.
  • Co-create a transnational plan for Responsible, multi-level governance of transformative innovation in central Europe.

The role of Resolvo

Resolvo Srl supported CISE in the preparation phase and will provide support for project management (financial and technical) and methodological development.