H2020 SME Instrument: TrafficFlow project – Analytics for Smarter Cities

Resolvo is part of the team supporting the TrafficFlow project – – Analytics for Smarter Cities. TrafficFlow was approved as a Phase 1 project by the H2020 SME Instrument.

The project runs for six months, from February to August 2016, and foresees the development of a full business plan for the innovative TrafficFlow product. TrafficFlow is an innovative, flexible and low-cost platform for road-traffic data collection and analysis. Using camera sensors, advanced computer vision software and web and mobile devices, TrafficFlow is a cost-effective, high performing answer to our smart cities’ need for low cost, minimally invasive data management systems to improve urban transport management.

Resolvo supported the project owner, Magenta Srl, in project preparation and is involved in the activities planned to develop the TrafficFlow business plan.

Photo by David Rodrigo on Unsplash