August 27, 2014by Miriam Siciliano

Improving Energy efficiency in sport facilities: n0e-sport meeting in Eindhoven

Did you know that 66% of Dutch people practice sport activity at least once per month?

This and other interesting information are just being shared among partners gathered in Eindhoven for the 2nd meeting of n0e-sport project (26-27 August). Core focus of the event is the presentation of pilot buildings where energy efficiency measures will be applied in the next 2 years thanks to the project results as well as draft of list of possible solutions to be applied in order to improve energy efficiency in sport facilities in each participating country of the project.

Partners are also working locally with energy managers, public authorities, sport buildings managers, EE/RES technology and service providers, in order to achieve project objectives.

Resolvo supports Agenzia Fiorentina per l’Energia (AFE, Italy) in project management and coordination.

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