VIOLET in Andalusia

The Mid-term event of the VIOLET project, organised by the Public Enterprise for Social housing and Refurbishment in Andalusia, was held in Seville in the beautiful Antiguo Convento de Santa María de los Reyes. A venue full of history and charm, where more than 100 attendees gathered to learn about the Good Practices presented.

Resolvo managed the second day of work, with a special focus on Action Plan development. For the first time, partners shared their proposals for action. The interregional exchange was active and cooperative, mainly thanks to suggestions shared in both directions by partners that are Managing Authorities of the selected policies and partners, who represent Agencies for energy and climate.

A sign that VIOLET is progressing in the right direction is the newly approved EU Directive n. 2018/844 on energy efficiency, where, for the first time, historical buildings are mentioned. Still a long way to go but at least within a legal framework that is evolving positively!