SOLE project shines to the end!

The final event of the SOLE (High Energy efficiency for the pubLIc stOck buildingS in Mediterranean) project, coordinated by Anci Toscana, was held in Florence on September 14 at the Innovation Center of Fondazione CR.

Project partners discussed on energy efficiency of public buildings with administrators, experts and technicians, and presented the results obtained in SOLE Mediterranean countries, sharing also policy recommendations.

SOLE partners carried out technical energy efficiency interventions and awareness campaigns in 7 pilot buildings (Italy, Greece, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Spain, Tunisia).

Resolvo provided technical assistance to the lead partner Anci Toscana supporting the management activities, as well as being in charge of project drafting. Resolvo also supported Agenzia Regionale Recupero Risorse for the reporting activities.


Resolvo was happy to attend the project’s final event to listen to partners’ experiences and see each other after nearly 39 months of working together!