SMARTUrban – Final Conference

Monday, March 16 at 14.30 in the Aula Magna of the School of Agriculture, Piazzale delle Cascine, 18 the FINAL EVENT of SMARTurban project was held.




SMARTUrban – Monitoring system and territorial urban research- has the aim of providing an innovative system for the design of urban spaces.

Objective of the project is to create a software optimising quality of life and sustainability in the spatial planning.

Thanks to specific algorithms and a database with variables that can be adjusted by users or by a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) sensors network, it is possible to estimate variations of thermal comfort and the level of selected pollutants.

Resolvo organised the event, being in charge of dissemination and communication activities.

Do not hesitate to write a mail to if you are interested in the material presented during the event.

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