February 5, 2020by Irene Pettinelli

Garbage is only waste when the imagination runs out: SMART WASTE project in Kolding

Resolvo is back from the 2nd meeting of the SMART WASTE project that took place in Kolding (DK) on 23rd and 24th January 2020.

The 6 project partners met for the second time to participate in exchange of experience sessions, moderated by Resolvo, discussing approaches and needs to define evaluation methodologies assessing the effectiveness of their waste management policies.

Kolding is UNESCO creative city for design. It boasts an extremely dynamic ecosystem, where circular economy and innovative waste management approaches go hand in hand with design-thinking, involving multiple actors and adopting an interdisciplinary approach.

SMART WASTE partners and Resolvo could see some of the most innovative practices implemented by the Municipality of Kolding to enhance circular economy. These include the Bronze Hall: the powerhouse for circular economy in Kolding, where waste is reused, recycled and turned into an asset, where educational projects with schools are developed and where students, artists and designers can get scrap materials and products from enterprises and use it for their creative projects.

Here at Resolvo, we can’t wait for the next SMART WASTE event! Next meeting will be in May in Klaipeda (LT) at the Regional Waste Management Centre (KRWMC).