Neorocks 4 Kids – on-line!

For Asteroid Day 2021, join us for the launch of Neorocks 4 Kids!

The Neorocks project studies and tracks Near Earth Objects (NEO). Our Neorockers study NEOs’ dynamical and physical properties, to determine their orbit and characterise their nature…especially those that could collide with the Earth.

Neorocks 4 Kids uses 3 short videos to share our project with children, the next generation, the mini-Neorockers!

Our very own Sara, with a little help from mini-neorocker Clara and some special guests, will tell us about asteroids, about how to spot and name an asteroid and about the telescopes we need to do it.

Tune in to Neorocks 4 Kids on our YouTube channel from 10am on 30th June.

Photo by Senad Palic on Unsplash