ROBOBUILD project (cofinanced by MANUNET) is officially finished!

ROBOBUILD – Articulated robot with independent 3D-motion for precise positioning operations, co-financed by the MANUNET Project, the Regional Government of Tuscany (Italy) and the Executive Unit for Financing Higher Education R&D and Innovation (Romania), is officially finished.

The activities undertaken by Synthesis srl Progettazione Meccanica, in collaboration with the Technical University of Iasi, ASAM S.A. and the University “Vasile Alecsandri” of Bacau led to the realisation and laboratory tests of the ROBOBUILD prototype:


ROBOBUILD – drafts


ROBOBUILD – prototype


The prototype, after laboratory preliminary tests, will also be tested by ICECON S.A. (project end user), performing building activities in real working situation, using different kind of tools.

The project was evaluated by an Italian Academic Professor: all the objectives were reached and goals accomplished, thanks to the partners cooperation and the respect of the schedule.