Resolvo supports Synthesis srl Progettazione Industriale since 2010. In that year the project HSR started, cofunded by Region of Tuscany (Aiuti allo Sviluppo Sperimentale) 2010,
The project developed a new improved mechanical simulator, capable of simulating the behavior of hip usury, which produces results comparable to wear with those found clinically. In particular the kinematics of in-vivo has been reproduced in vitro, such as to have a control of the temperature in the fluid bath, which allows, if necessary, to carry out mechanically or with software tools a separation between the components (the so-called microseparation).

The simulator has been developed on a highly rigid body; in particular has been used an existing test case of the Laboratory of Medical Technology Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute of Bologna ( IOR ) and built a prototype simulator Bio – tribological for playback kinematics in vivo in order to validate pre – clinically implants hip commercially.