December 11, 2015by Jessica Huntingford

H2020 SME Instrument: 3146 projects presented

3164 proposals were submitted for the last 2015 SME Instrument deadline in November. The number of projects presented in November were higher than in the previous cut off: 2833 in September and 2990 in June 2015.

2056 proposals were submitted for Phase 1, most of them on the ICT topic, followed by innovative business models and health. Italy is the country with the largest number of proposals presented followed by Spain and United Kingdom.

Concerning Phase 2, 1090 proposals were presented, most of them on the health topic, followed by ICT and low carbon and efficient energy systems.

Evaluation is currently underway and results should be available in mid-January.

The next deadlines for SME Instrument are 24th February 2016 for Phase 1 and 3rd February 2016 for Phase 2.