July 3, 2015by Paolo Frosini

H2020 – Parthenos kick-off in Florence!

The launch event of the newly established research infrastructure, financed by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme, is due on Friday, July 3rd in Florence.

The event, which will gather all the PARTHENOS’ partners, will take place in the prestigious Salone dei Dugento in Palazzo Vecchio, at the very heart of the Italian Rinascimento Capital.

Below you will find the Agenda of the meeting:

  • Welcome and introduction (Franco Niccolucci, Coordinator)
  • Maria Theofilatou, EC, PARTHENOS Scientific Officer
  • The role of PARTHENOS for CLARIN ERIC
  • The role of PARTHENOS for DARIAH ERIC
  • Short presentations by ARIADNE, CENDARI, EHRI, IPERION
  • Activities on Community involvement and requirements (WP2)
  • Activities on Policies and Strategies (WP3)
  • Activities on Standardization (WP4)
  • Activities on Semantics (WP5)
  • Activities on Services (WP6)
  • Activities on Skills and Training (WP7)
  • Outline of the Communication Plan (WP8)

The PARTHENOS kick off meeting will take place within the broader context of the event “European Research Infrastructures for Heritage Science”, organized in collaboration with the Horizon2020 project IperionCH.
For more information please visit PARTHENOS web site.