RESOLVO FFW – Strumento PMI per Innovazione Sociale e Sicurezza

Sei una PMI e lavori nel settore dell’innovazione sociale o della sicurezza?

L’Europa può supportare la tua idea di successo con due diversi bandi sul tema:

Specific Challenge: SMEs, including social enterprises and cultural actors, can build their growth on business model innovation, taking into account new opportunities arising from servitisation, from individual empowerment, from a more collaborative economy, from opening up government data and services and from the pervasive use of new technologies. A change of paradigm from ownership to access, from individual consumption to shared functionalities can be applied in several sectors benefiting from digital technologies and ensuring more sustainable lifestyles to EU citizens particularly in cities. A similar paradigm shift is happening in the relationship between government, citizens and businesses, where societal actors take on a more proactive role in the design and delivery of public services. One of the main challenges is to attract business to use public platforms to create more value as current business models do not adequately exploit the benefits of participation and collaboration with government. New ways of creating, producing, consuming, using, educating, learning, caring, moving and living are emerging in European cities. New ways of exploiting tangible and intangible cultural heritage are made possible. News ways of creating innovative public services, using open data and open public services provide new business opportunities. SMEs developing and adapting new business models play a key role in these transformations. The specific challenge addressed by this topic is to enable SMEs in traditional and new sectors, collaborative economy and creative sectors, cultural heritage and the social economy as well as collaborative public service creation to innovate and grow across traditional boundaries, through new business models and organisational change.

Specific Challenge: To engage small and medium enterprises in innovation activities in the domain of security, especially those not traditionally involved in it, and reduce as much as possible the entry barriers to SMEs for Horizon 2020 funding. The actions under this topic should cover any aspect of the Specific Programme for “secure societies – protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens” (Horizon 2020 Framework programme and Specific programme):
7.1. Fighting crime, illegal trafficking and terrorism, including understanding and tackling terrorist ideas and beliefs
7.2. Protecting and improving the resilience of critical infrastructures, supply chains and transport modes
7.3. Strengthening security through border management
7.4. Improving cyber security
7.5. Increasing Europe’s resilience to crises and disasters
7.6. Ensuring privacy and freedom, including in the Internet, and enhancing the societal legal and ethical understanding of all areas of security, risk and management
7.7. Enhancing standardisation and interoperability of systems, including for emergency purposes
7.8. Supporting the Union’s external security policies, including through conflict prevention and peace-building

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