RESOLVO FFW – Strumento PMI per Agro-alimentare e soluzioni ICT per la salute

Sei una PMI e lavori nei settori dell’agro-alimentare o delle soluzioni ICT applicate alla salute?

L’Europa può supportare la tua idea di successo con due diversi bandi sul tema:

Specific Challenge: The challenge is to help overcome the current gaps in exploitation of promising research results in ICT for Health, Well-being and Ageing well and to stimulate increased availability and market uptake of relevant ICT products and services This concerns both interoperable and secure eHealth4 solutions for consumers and institutional healthcare delivery building on standards and new ICT solutions and innovation ecosystems for ageing well building on open software platforms5, in order to deliver new and more efficient care to European citizens and respond to new market opportunities for SMEs.

Particular attention should be given to potential for disruptive innovation and fast market uptake in ICT for health, wellbeing and ageing well. In particular it will be interesting for SMEs and young companies that are looking for swift support to their innovative ideas.


Specific Challenge: SMEs can play a crucial role in developing resource-efficient and cost-effective solutions to secure sufficient supplies of safe, healthy and high quality food and other bio-based products, by developing productive, sustainable and resource-efficient primary production systems, fostering related ecosystem services and the recovery of biological diversity, alongside competitive and low-carbon supply, processing and marketing chains. Actions under this topic are expected to contribute to one or a combination of several challenges addressed by Societal Challenge 2 of Horizon 2020 with regard to terrestrial resources (i.e. 2.1 ‘ Sustainable agriculture and forestry’, 2.2 ‘ Sustainable and competitive

agri-food sector for a safe and healthy diet’ and 2.4 ‘ Sustainable and competitive bio-based industries and supporting the development of a European bioeconomy’). Particular attention should be given to :

  • Advancing innovations in Integrated Pest Management
  • Resource-efficient eco-innovative food production and processing
  • Reduction of food losses and waste on farm and along the value-chain
  • Creating added value from waste and by-products generated on farm and along the value-chain

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