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TiPS&Info4BRT - Traffic light Priority System and Information work-flow for Bus Rapid Transit Corridors

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Various EU actions and initiatives (from the Lisbon agenda to the latest White Paper on Mobility 2010 and the Green Paper "Towards a new culture for urban Mobility" issued in 2007) support the dual modality approach for improving urban mobility governance and ensuring cleaner environment.
In urban areas one of the first steps towards swift start up or strengthening of this approach is that of improving public transport fleet operation and parking management systems through dedicated Bus Rapid Transit corridor (BRT or/and Tram line) and traffic light priority.
From the market product point of view most existing traffic light control systems and junction controllers, include priority functions. However, these are often poorly exploited and unsuitable for dealing with traffic during different times of day.

In this context TiPS&Info4BRT specifies, develops and validates two specific in-terrelated modules for improving bus priority at junctions, managing road information work-flow and estimating the impact of predictable accidents on bus transit lines.

In order to develop an innovative bus priority module, the following aspects will be taken into account:

  • definition of algorithms for the estimation of transit time at specific points (bus stops and/or junctions);
  • typology of traffic data collection sensors;
  • algorithms used currently in traffic light controls;
  • modality for cost/benefit analysis.

In this way, the priority module will be adaptive to traffic conditions, and bus line situations, and will be able to collect traffic data that can be used by local authorities to calibrate overall network control policies.