Interreg Europe: FEMINA project – Female Participation in High-Tech Enterprises

FEMINA was funded on the 3rd Interreg Europe call for proposals. It started on the 1st of June 2018 and will run for 5 years.

FEMINA is coordinated by Arezzo Innovation. Partners from 6 European regions work together to improve their policy instruments, with the support of an expert Advisory Partner from Norway.

FEMINA partners believe that increased female participation can make high-tech SMEs more competitive. The gender gap is still visible in high-tech sectors across EU-28: women represented 29% of entrepreneurs in 2014 and 32.5% of employees in high-tech manufacturing and knowledge-intensive services in 2015. This is not a question of social inclusion. It is about economic growth: studies show that the women’s specific skills can help to diversify and consolidate enterprises; that closing the gender gap could generate an EU GDP increase of 13%.

In this context, FEMINA partners cooperate at interregional level to reach their overall aim: to ensure that selected policy instruments are integrated with measures to promote female engagement in their high-tech sectors, with a focus on sectors in their RIS3.

Resolvo Srl was responsible for the preparation of the successful project application. Resolvo supports the Lead Partner in project management and in methodological project development.

For more information on FEMINA, visit the official project website.