BRIGHT 2014 – European Researchers’ Night – 26/09/2014

Since 2005, across Europe the fourth Friday of September is dedicated to the Researchers’ Night.

This year, the Region of Tuscany called its Night BRIGHT 2014, to symbolise the ‘bright light’ that illuminates the darkness: the light produced by curiosity, tenacity, the will of human beings to understand the world, to push the boundaries of what you know a little further.

Specific topics addressed by BRIGHT 2014:

  • “The research is here, and researchers are among us”
  • “Research means respect and curiosity about the world.”
  • “The research is scientific, humanistic, literary, artistic, poetic. There is no field of science, arts, or other knowledge not reached by Research”


BRIGHT 2014 provides many different kinds of activities, designed to engage the entire audience curious to understand and interact with the research.

BRIGHT 2014 includes exhibitions, stands, “appetisers” and “science cafes”, film cycles and much more addressed to people of all ages: children, youth, whole families.

BRIGHT 2014 will take place in 3 major university towns of Tuscany: Florence, Pisa, Siena, with events in Viareggio, Prato, Grosseto, Arezzo, Cascina.

If you’re not in Tuscany and want to take part in the Researchers’ Night follow this link and discover the place across Europe, where to participate to the Night!