Resolvo can provide communication support to individual clients and project consortia. Resolvo can design you communication plan, develop corporate identities and websites, produce communication material and organise various types of events at local and international level.

Members of Resolvo’s team have expertise in electronic, automation and computer engineering and in telecommunications. Resolvo has been involved in many projects developing ICT solutions and offers ICT consultancy to companies and local authorities.

Our services:

Our services:

Resolvo can develop professional, personalised communication strategies for clients and for local and international projects. Our strategies cover the methodology, detailed actions, costs and results and outputs, all designed to reach the carefully identified target groups.

Resolvo organises local and international events: from small group seminars, to conferences with hundreds of participants. Working with a trusted network of supplies, Resolvo can covers all your logistical and organisational needs. Resolvo can also offer a range of participative and facilitation techniques.

Resolvo has all the necessary skills to create a corporate identity for a project and a range of related communication products (Adobe Creative Suite®). Resolvo can produce your logo, leaflets, brochures, publications and gadgets.

Resolvo develops web sites for clients and projects, using Joomla® and WordPress®. Resolvo can also manage social network communication campaigns.

Resolvo offers technical consultancy on computing and telecommunication, both for companies and local authorities. Our services help to innovate production and management processes in order to increase efficiency and productivity.

Resolvo designs and develops databases using MySQL®

Resolvo develops interactive digital tools using Acrobat®: forms, guides, project submission forms.

Resolvo designs and implements on-line questionnaires for surveys and data collection. Resolvo manages a LimeSurvey®server.